Submit! Summer Print Sale

Hey Students!  

Did you make some amazing work during or after your BKC class that you'd like to share?   We're having a big Print Sale Show in June to give all of you a chance to show off your best and maybe sell some work.  Any and all projects created and photographs captured since your first BKC class is eligible for submission.  

Submit up to 10 digital images to our Print Sale, featuring work from our students and staff.  Accepted work will be printed free-of-charge by BKC, to be displayed during the show, as well as on our online Print Gallery.   
Submissions are due by June 8.  Show opens June 22.  
To make a submission, go here:


Featured Guests

Julia Guo (Art director, Huge Agency)
David Everly (Art director, Huge Agency)
Caroline Matthews  (Designer, CNN)
Lanna Apisukh (Social media consultant)
The Reproductive Health Access Project

What is the role of the artist, designer, or creative professional when it comes to effecting positive change?  How can we maximize our experience, talents and skills towards creating a better future?  Join us as we discuss the current reality, and how creative folks can harness their abilities to contribute in various ways.  We'll be open to any dialogue and contributions regarding the topic, including social, political, environmental and community-oriented change.   



*Future REALTALKS will be free for Members and $10 for non-members



Here at BKC we value building community though open and honest discussion.  Starting in 2017 we'll be programming REALTALKS, a series of thoughtful and free-flowing dialogue exploring the intersection between creativity and commerce.  Each event will feature special guests from across the creative industry and highlight a topic covering various areas of the creative process, from getting inspired to growing your vision to creating sustainable business practices.  

This premiere REALTALK is completely free to the public, and a taste of things to come with our new BKC Members Program starting this month, which will provide many more topical discussions, community critiques, motivating assignments and lot more.

Submit to #RESIST Show: Friday March 17

Submit to #RESIST Show: Friday March 17

Calling all photographic artists! What does resistance mean to you? What does the reaction to the current political climate look like? Does your work promote or highlight a marginalized group? We want to hear from you!

On Friday March 17th BKC will host the #RESIST! Show, curated by our own Sally Bozzuto and James Reddington.  Any work that utilizes lens-based media that relates to the theme of #Resist will be considered. This includes photography, photo-montage, photo collage and photo-illustration. 

All proceeds will be donated to the Reproductive Health Access Project, an organization that provides training and supporting clinicians to make reproductive health care accessible to everyone and the Ali Forney Center, an organization that protects LGBTQ+ youths from the harms of homelessness and empowers them with the tools needed to live independently.



#MARCH2RESIST Planned Parenthood Week

Photo by Monika Kratochvil

Photo by Monika Kratochvil

Happy International Women's Day!

Starting today through March 14th each class you register for on our website will donate 25% of proceeds to Planned Parenthood for our month long #MARCH2RESIST.  Each year PP helps over 2.5 million people that come through their door in their 650 locations throughout the country, these dedicated providers are crucial to women's healthcare.  So let's show our continued support for Planned Parenthood by signing up for a class this week!  

Plus, every SATURDAY we'll be donating 100% of all proceeds from bookings made that day to each of the organizations we announced in our last newsletter.  Join us in pledging to support these important missions throughout #March2Resist.   Or if you'd prefer, just go ahead anddonate on your own.  

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The Results Are In! #March2Resist

You came, you voted.  Your voice was heard and now we present the four organizations that will be the recipients of 25% of BKC's proceeds in March:

Mar 1 - Mar 7 - The American Civil Liberties Union

Mar 8 - Mar 14 - Planned Parenthood

Mar 15 - Mar 21 - The Southern Poverty Law Center

Mar 22 - Mar 28 - Everytown For Gun Safety

Also, every SATURDAY we'll be donating 100% of all proceeds to these distinguished organizations.  Join us in pledging to support these important causes throughout the month of March.

#MARCH2RESIST: Help Us Choose A Cause



The world has changed dramatically in the past month.  Between the travel bans, Cabinet appointments, hostility towards climate change science and outright attacks on the media and truth in general, we find ourselves at a crossroads.

Rather than sit quietly by and waiting for the other shoe to drop, we are instead springing into action.  Regular phone calls placed to members of Congress has become as normal an activity as binging on Netflix, and town hall meetings have become rallying grounds against the legislative enabling of the Executive branch.  

In addition, BKC will be contributing 25% of all proceeds from classes booked in the month of March to a select group of organizations poised to take on the aggressive policies of this Administration.  You can help us determine which are the most worthy causes by voting for your favorite orgs here.  

We'll announce the top vote-getters on March 1.  Vote today and let your voice be heard!