Photo Contest Deadlines: June

You've made the work; now submit it!   It's a rite of passage for many photographers -- a chance to win prizes, get published and earn recognition.  We're rounding up opportunities for you to submit your photos to, so check in on our blog for photo contest listings on the fourth Friday of each month.  Who doesn't love to show off a bit?

To start, here a couple of opportunities with deadlines in June:


IAFOR Documentary Photography Award

Contest for photographers up to 31 years old and students studying photography. This year's topic is “Power.” Submit 10-20 photographs (either as solo images, or as series), works description (up to 500 words) and description of the new project that is to be executed in case of winning.

Deadline: June 1, 2015.  No entry fee.



National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest

Travel photography contest from the National Geographic Traveller publication is open for participants from all around the world, except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Entries can be submitted in each of four categories: Travel Portrait, Outdoor Scenes, Sense of Place and Spontaneous Moments.

Deadline: June 30, 2015.  $15 per entree.


Week of Wonders

Boston to New York: David Armstrong, Nan Goldin, and Mark Morrisroe

Clamp Art Gallery

These three artists largely represent the core of what has now been coined the Boston School—a group of artists who attended either the School of the Museum of Fine Arts or Massachusetts College of Art between 1971 and 1984.  

Through June 20, 2015

Clamp Art Gallery
531 W. 25th Street, Ground Floor
New York, 10001

Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art presents its first exhibition dedicated exclusively to the work of Yoko Ono, taking as its point of departure the artist’s unofficial MoMA debut in late 1971.  This show surveys the decisive decade that led up to Ono’s unauthorized exhibition at MoMA, when she put up flyers advertising a "One Woman Show" at the "Museum of Modern [F]art"

Through September 7, 2015

11 W 53rd St
New York, 10019

A Pup-ular New Photo Trend?

At BKC, we love dogs. Dumbo is arguably the best spot in Brooklyn to puppy watch, so we enjoy taking breaks by the waterfront, where you can spot furry friends left and right.  Naturally, this article on Quartz caught our eye.  

We're usually the ones snapping puppy pics; we even have an #IdPetThat hashtag on our Instagram.  But what if the tables turned, and we had a chance to see from a dog's-eye view?  That curiosity led Nikon to create a special camera mount and setup for a dog to wear that captures a photo every time the dog's heart rate spikes.  Perhaps these snaps won't be works of art, but they'll definitely be works of bark.  Sounds like a good plan to us.

Analog Magic In A Digital World

Meet our newest collaborator: the Gowanus Darkroom.  Opened by analog champions Jonathan Rodgers and Rachel Jun back in February, the Gowanus Darkroom continues the wave towards recapturing the unmistakable vibe of the analog process.  

Located on top a two-story industrial building, with walls of gorgeous window light and an open and inviting printing space, Gowanus Darkroom is a sweet space in a great neighborhood full of artists and work studios, and we're mega-thrilled to be working alongside such great folks like Jonathan and Rachel.  

Back in June of last year, we started offering Analog Film & Darkroom classes at the Bushwick Community Darkroom (soon to re-open in a bigger and better space on Troutman St) and we're psyched to partner up with both locations to offer classic analog AND cutting-edge digital workshops in the same spaces this summer and beyond.  

Together, we're committed to continuing the knowledge of classic film techniques, while deepening the relationship between the digital and analog realms.   We believe the two worlds are parallel and constantly informing one another, allowing for each of us to have the tools to achieve our ultimate vision.

Join us for some fun and illuminating intro classes this summer at Gowanus Darkroom and Bushwick Community Darkroom, and stay tuned for exciting additions to our analog class offerings heading into the fall.

What We're Watching: Interview With Sally Mann

The world-renowned photographer soared to fame in the '90s and released a series of images called "Immediate Family.” Twenty-five years later, Mann looks at her remarkable career in a new memoir called “Hold Still.” She opens up to Charlie Rose in a rare interview at the Gagosian Gallery, surrounded by her iconic work.

Week of Wonders

David Zwirner 

Lisa Yuskavage Exhibition

Yuskavage’s works merge popular culture and a deep engagement with the history of art. Widely associated with a re-emergence of the figurative in contemporary painting, she has always maintained the primacy of color, with her narratives intricately based in her use of paint.

Through June 13, 2015

David Zwirner 
525 W 19th St

Kravets/Wehby Gallery

Alison Blickle “History of Magic, Part III…Uncrossing”

Myths and stories have a timeless quality where the details change, but the essence remains the same. The third and final act of Alison Blickle’s self-created allegorical tale is no different. History of Magic, Part III…Uncrossing brings a sense of closure to the epic journey of the hermit-turned-heroine depicted in the previous two installments of Blickle’s History of Magic series.

Kravets/Wehby Gallery
521 W 21st St