Richard Prince Is At It Again

 Richard Prince's "New Portraits" at Gagosian Gallery, 2014

Richard Prince's "New Portraits" at Gagosian Gallery, 2014

Artist Richard Prince is not new to controversy. The painter and photographer has been using appropriation in his artwork for decades and people often have a strong reaction to his work, whether that reaction is a positive or negative one. The latest flurry comes about from his appropriations of other people's Instagram images, where his captures screen shots of their photos and prints them onto canvas, altered only by his comments at the bottom. This work sold well at the recent Frieze Art Fair in New York and that's when this latest controversy gained attention. But Instagram and social media are just his newest method for appropriating imagery, Prince has also used advertising, magazines, and books to gather the foundation for his work. 

See some reactions to Prince's latest work at these links... The New Yorker or The Washington Post or The Verge. And see more of his work on his website at  

What do you think about Prince's appropriation of images?  Does his work cross ethical lines, and how would you feel if he repurposed images from your Instagram feed for sale at a major art fair?   Let us know in the comments below.