In Memory of a Student and Friend: Rita Foley

I had the unique pleasure of meeting Rita Foley back in 2012, when we were still a fledgling photo school finding our wings in Brooklyn.  Rita was a busy woman, always keeping herself involved in her many projects, from conference calls to writing books to a healthy social life filled with friends and family.  I was blessed to be able to spend time with her doing something she truly loved: creating beautiful images.  

Rita picked up photography after "officially" retiring from being a corporate badass, but her passion for life and work funneled neatly into her enthusiasm for learning the craft.  She threw herself into it, and pushed herself constantly to create new and better work.  In 2013, for her 60th birthday, Rita decided to launch a solo exhibition instead of a traditional birthday party, and came to BKC to help put the show together.  You can see how cool it turned out in the video above.

When doctors ordered her to stay in bed, she went on a bucket-list photo journey through New Zealand.  She was juggling a schedule of chemo, blood transfusions and weeklong-intensive shooting sessions in the wilderness -- The woman was COMMITTED.   More than anything she believed in staying inspired and living for the moment.  A warrior and a poet.

I'm a true fan of hers, as she gave of herself so totally to the things she loved.  Even when she had lost mobility, we were doing Lightroom sessions from bed to complete her final book Show Up For Life Each Day about her journey co-existing with cancer.  This strength of will continues to amaze me.  She was a role model of a woman, a mother who lived as she preached and who was both a powerhouse and an absolute joy to be around.  I'll be forever thankful to have had the opportunity to see her through some amazing moments. 

Thank you Rita for being a total inspiration and one of the coolest ladies around.

Rest in loving peace,

Founder/Director, BKC


Rita's three published books are all available on Amazon:

Show Up For Life Each Day by Rita Foley
The Retirement Boom: An All Inclusive Guide to Money, Life, and Health in Your Next Chapter by Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg, Rita Foley, Jaye Smith
Reboot Your Life: Energize Your Career and Life by Taking a Break by Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg, Rita Foley, Jaye Smith


Photographs by RITA FOLEY