BKC Student Spotlight: Yoon Choi


Some of the most interesting people to photograph are located right here on our city’s subway system. Over 4.3 million people ride the subway everyday, so it’s easy to imagine what you can find. However, capturing the right moment can often be a difficult task. For one, it’s a tight space with commuters jammed in like sardines during rush hours and for two, you never know if someone will notice and how they might react. This is what makes photographing people on the subway thrilling and challenging at the same time, but BKC student and photographer, Yoon Choi makes it look like a breeze.

On inspiration and how she gets the shot:

“NYC has an unlimited resource of incredible personalities. Every time I ride the bus or train, I am fascinated by all the riders. When someone catches my attention I have a strong need to make their photo whether it's candidly or specially requested. I usually make the photo on my phone and sometimes with my Ricoh GR.  Because almost everyone is on their phones while riding, it's easy to make a photo discreetly although I have been caught once or twice but not too often. Sometimes I only have time to make one photo and other times I can make 10 and I'll pick my favorite. I truly love the people of New York!”

Below, some of Yoon’s MTA greatest hits which you can also find on her Instagram @yoon.sun.choi.

BKC Student Spotlight: Gloria Cook


Inspired by her local produce section and the still life work of a Brooklyn artist she had admired, BKC student and photographer, Gloria Cook followed her inspiration and ended up making some amazing images of her own.

“I thought about shooting stills every time I was distracted by the unique textures of exotic fruits in the produce section,” explains Cook, who typically shoots lifestyle and fashion portraiture.

The tantalizing photo series was produced for our Embrace Your Curiosity class taught by Sally Bozzuto which challenged students to dig deep, embrace their fears, vulnerabilities and try something new through visual art. The work culminated in a wonderful group show and we are happy to share this stunning work that Gloria had contributed to it.

Follow Gloria on Instagram (@cookwithfashion) and see more of Gloria’s delightful work on her website.