We must admit to being a little heartbroken to hear the news that 3rd Ward had suddenly closed down.  As a staple in the Brooklyn creative scene, and an inspiring story of do-it-yourselfism, 3rd Ward has provided a ton of great classes and facilities for all kinds of folks, and we’re sad to see such a popular local institution disappear.  

In addition, we feel for all the members of 3rd Ward who will not be able to make use of their remaining membership access.  So as a growing destination for photo, video and digital production in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood, we’d like to try to rectify the situation a bit.

While we can’t help get any money back, we can offer this:  Send us a picture of your 3rd Ward membership card and we’ll issue you a discount code for 25% off any of our classes, which can be used as many times as you’d like over the next 6 months.  Please make sure your name is visible in the photo and e-mail them to hello@wearebkc.com

Hey, it’s the least we can do to keep creative education blossoming in Brooklyn.