Crash Course: Urban Landscapes



1. Principles of Light and Shadow

  1. Highlights / Midtones / Shadows
  2. Contrast Range and Tonality
  3. Direction and Quality of Light

2. Composition techniques

  1. Angle
  2. Texture
  3. Form
  4. Reflection
  5. Rhythm
  6. Perspective:  One-point, Two-point
  7. Height: street-level, elevated, low camera point up Overlap

3. Effect of Lenses at different focal lengths

  1. Normal = similar to how the eye sees perspective and object distance
  2. Wide angle = expanded perspective
  3. Telephoto = compressed perspective

4. Guided Shoot: Outdoor Shoot Challenge 1 (30 min)

Join the instructor as you walk around the area observing and capturing images.

Learn to trust your eyes. Take 5 images which exploit more than one photographic element above.

5. Outdoor Shoot Challenge 2 (45 min)

Use the city as a central character in a visual story. The goal is to edit a series of photos to 5-7 images which can focus on any particular aspect of the city, its buildings, streets, day-to-day scenes, traffic, or the urban atmosphere as a whole. The key is to create some consistency across the visual story, threads that connect the individual images so that a larger, more coherent whole is achieved.