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on Fri, 02/08/2013 - 03:40

So we're keeping close tabs on the snow situation... the Nor'easter approaches and is rumored to bring up to a foot of snow over the next couple days.

Here's the plan:


Five Dollar Fridays: Color

Currently scheduled to run.  If the snow situation gets out of hand and trains start shutting down, we'll send out calls and e-mails by 2:00 pm to everyone who has signed up to cancel the classes.  All $5 registrations can be credited towards any future Five Dollar Friday session or class.


Digital Photo II
Field Guide V: The Flash
Digital Photo I

By Friday night we should have an idea of whether travel will be hampered by this snowstorm.  We'd like to keep the classes going, but if it's going to be tough to get here, we'll send all registered students an e-mail with rescheduled dates and arrangements.  

If you're signed up for a class and having trouble getting around due to transportation problems, let us know!  

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