Weekly Assignments! What do you think?

Hey Members!   Do you have any suggestions on how to conduct the Weekly Assignment?    We are hosting the Assignment on Schoology, which is the LMS (learning management system) we use of many of our multi-week classes.  It's a good enough platform, but it may not be the BEST way to do this.

Here's our main priorities for the Weekly Assignment:

  1. Participation!  Of course we want to make it easy for you to participate, submit, etc.  Schoology has an app for iOS and Android which is nice, although the app isn't amazing... yet.  So something that's easy to submit to and easy to view is best
  2. Voting - We'd like to setup an easy-to-use and understand voting system to allow Members to choose whose Weekly Assignment submission is the best.  If we continue to use Schoology, I was thinking we can add a "1" in the comments of submissions we like.   Alternatively we can vote using 1, 2 and 3 to indicate first, second and third choice.  
  3. Private - I believe having a private channel to share work only amongst BKC Members and staff will allow for more creative honesty, esp in regards to work that might be outside the "norm" of Instagram or your other social media channels.    So having our Members group be private is a good thing.

My other option was to create a BKC Members Facebook Group... this has obvious benefits (FB is one of the most widely used social media platforms), and obvious drawbacks (FB duh).  But if you guys feel like it's a good option, i'll definitely explore it.

Or maybe you know of something else that would fit the bill?  My hope is that we can have regular submissions, regular voting, weekly winners that get featured on our Instagram and other social media, and some sort of yearly Grand Prize winner that would win something REALLY cool.

Please post your thoughts below!