"This photography school is as good as it gets, folks.  You would be hard pressed to find a superior spot to be schooled in the fundamentals that you will need to know, at this price.  I have taken workshops at several other local outfits, and the quality of the education here is *unmistakably* better."

- Anup J (★★★★★ via Yelp)


"BKC is a haven for art, craft and photography lovers, and they offer tons of fantastic classes. The space we worked in was so fresh and inspiring... I felt so legit!" 

- A Daily Something

With BKC you can explore your creative side through photo, video and software classes designed to inspire and motivate you.  Discover a new passion or learn a new skill.  Keep your mind sharp.  And strike a much-needed balance between your left and right brain.  

Get inspired.  Stay motivated.  Never stop learning.


What do you want to learn?

"As someone who has never used an SLR camera and has always relied on the built-in settings of a point-and-shoot, I can honestly say I now have a much better understanding of the tool and confidently take shots in the camera’s Manual Mode."

- Jessie On A Journey


"BKC is awesome.  Small classes, excellent instructors, reasonable prices, cool vibe.  Each class, I feel a door is opened, and I go home excited to test what I've learned."

Adam B. (★★★★★ via Yelp)

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