Analog Film & Darkroom

The warm red light and woozy chemistry of the classic darkroom is nostalgic for some, and a brand new experience for others.  This is a place full of surprises; from seeing your first print appear like magic in a developer tray, to discovering happy accidents through the experimental process of darkroom printing.  You never quite know what might happen.

Re-discover the unmistakable vibe of film-based photography with hands-on workshops hosted at our partner facilities at Gowanus Darkroom.

Coming Up

Our Darkroom Partners

Thanks to our alliance with these two wonderful Brooklyn organizations, we're able to provide classes and workshops in the time-honored Analog techniques developed over a more than a century.  To find out more about our partner organizations, visit them directly below.

Tools Of The Trade

ABOVE: The Omega Super Chromega D color enlarger.  Located at the Gowanus Darkroom.

A true workhorse enlarger, the dichronic head allows for color filtration for correcting color casts for printing color, as well as adjusting contrast for variable contrast (VC) black & white papers.  These darkroom staples are built to last a long time, with easily accessible parts for replacement and repair.  Given that working enlargers are often found over 20 years old, the quality of build and materials is top-notch, and the accompanying digital timers are reliable and easy to use.