Camera Talk: Fuji X100s

This week on Camera Talk we will continue to praise Mirrorless cameras for offering form and function in equal proportion.  Mirrorless Cameras have the best of both worlds: a smaller size closer to that of a point-and-shoot, with the large sensor of a DSLR.  

The Fuji X100s is this weeks camera of choice because it delivers excellent image quality with a self contained unit plus it is light and compact with a fixed lens and built in flash.  This is a camera that you can take with you pretty much everywhere without being overwhelmed by its presence while being able to create quality images.  The lens is a fixed Fujinon f2, 23 mm lens, which is the equivalent of a 35 mm lens on a full frame 35 mm camera. The lens is fast enough to allow shooting in low light conditions which is ideal for events or concerts.  The controls on the camera are really easy to reach and it has an excellent auto white balance.  The X100s offers a high ISO setting of 25600 with far less noise than other cameras and is surprisingly usable for such a high ISO setting.  The X100s has interesting creative options such as recreating the look of different types of Fuji Films: Provia, Velvia, Astia and several Fuji color negative films.  It also includes black and white, sepia and color toning options.

You can find a Fuji X100s for $950 and up which is a great price for all it has to offer.  Check out this review from Bangalore-based photographer Nishant Ratnakar after he left behind his Canon 5D for the Fuji X100s and stay tuned for more camera talk next week...