Thank You!

Today as we reflect on our accomplishments in 2014, like adding 30% more classes, expanding our teaching staff, delivering lectures at events like Photoville and Indie Media Camp, and partnering up with Bushwick Community Darkroom to provide analog darkroom workshops, we're happy to have fulfilled goals and look forward to setting new ones for 2015.  We have a ton of projects in the works this coming year, and we can't wait to get started and share them with you all.

I'd like to thank you sincerely for a wonderful year and wish you a new one full of new goals, new inspiration and a feeling of togetherness.  We love what we do, but you guys make it such a pleasure to be a part of that experience.  You fill us with your enthusiasm and passion, your ideas and hard work.  So thanks for helping us keep our dream of a vibrant creative community alive and pushing us to improve every day. 

With warm wishes and excitement,

Justin Lin

Founder of BKC