"Reveal" Alan Winslow's 24 Hour Portrait Project

We are ecstatic to announce that our instructor Alan Winslow is shooting a portrait project at Rabbithole Gallery next Thursday, March 5th as a part of Dumbo's First Thursday.  It will be a two night performance piece called Reveal: 24 Portraits of 24 Strangers in 24 Hours, it will start Thursday evening March 5th, and end the next night Friday March 6th.  During the 24 hour time period Alan will photograph 24 strangers, 24 prints will be made, one of each model, and flush mounted to the gallery walls.  At the end of the 24 hours will be the reception where the public can view each portrait.  The strangers he will be shooting are connected through their participation in this project, and he will be collaborating with each of them to make a portrait that reflects some of their individual truths or stories.  Come by Thursdayevening and take a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes of a photo shoot, or drop by and cheers Alan at the end of the 24 hours that Friday night.  Read more about the project on Rabbithole's website here.

Shooting performance: Thursday, March 5th 7 PM - on 
Opening reception: Friday, March 6th 6 - 9PM

At Rabbithole Gallery 33 Washington St. Brooklyn, NY