The #24HourProject

On Saturday March 21st, BKC will be taking part in the #24HOURPROJECT, a one-day street photography event where thousands of photographers from all walks of the world will pound the pavement and document humanity in their local cities while posting to Instagram in real time.  This interactive event was conceived by two photographers Renzo Grande @aliveinnyc and Sam Smotherman@whittiersam with the vision to create the worlds largest street photography experiment.  BKC plans to contribute to this global archive of documenting human life with our 5 - hour class Street Challenge: #24HOURPROJECT so sign up while it is on sale and come along for the ride!!

Lead by our instructor Larson Harley we will spend 5 - hours roving around New York City exploring parks, alleys, forgotten neighborhoods, multiple boroughs, and the subterranean jungle of the NYC subways. Participants in this challenging street photography workshop will be encouraged to register for the 24hour Project and post a photo every hour to Instagram using the 24hour Project and BKC's unique tags. 

Check out Larson's website: and Instagram ( to see some of his street photography. 

Starting now and for 24 hours we have marked down the price from $99 to $79.  This is a one time only class and the spots will go quickly!