Student Spotlight: Rita Foley

WATCH: BKC student RITA FOLEY talks about her solo show and the road she took to get there

Rita is one of our favorite people and we were thrilled to be a part of her first solo exhibition at Alternatives Gallery in New York.  A charismatic former corporate boss-lady turned photographer, her voracious appetite for learning was evident from the day she first walked in to take classes at BKC.   Rita's fascination with color and texture is apparent in her work, and she has thrown herself into the process of expanding her skills and vision.  After many hours of hard work and dedication, she powered through and put on a wonderful show, commemorating her 60th birthday in the process.   We congratulate Rita and all our students who have taken the next step towards their goals and greater journeys! 

All photographs © RITA FOLEY

To check out more of Rita's current work or to buy some prints, visit her website

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We love seeing your progress, particularly moving beyond the fundamentals and getting into some more advanced stuff.  One of the most rewarding things about this job is hearing from students as they take their next step towards becoming pro photographers, or exhibiting artists, or simply being awesomer, more creative human beings.  

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