Introducing REALTALKS

It is the beginning of a new year, and the year of the Fire Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac.  Roosters are known for their talkative and outspoken frankness, and they are happiest when they are surrounded by others.  With all that is happening in the world we are feeling drawn to community more than ever and ready to communicate and share knowledge.  We invite you to join us in a series of roundtable discussions here at BKC called REALTALKS where we invite featured guests from across the creative industries to participate in conversations about the intersection of creativity and commerce.  

Join us for: 

REALTALK 01:  Going Pro: What To Know

FRI JAN 13, 7:30 PM @ BKC 
FREE and open to the public
Lynn Guarino (Photo and video producer, Root Studios)
Jennifer Judkins (Photographer, podcaster, studio manager)

Considering becoming a creative professional?  Whether in photography, design, or other disciplines and genres, the decision to forego other more "normal" jobs in order to forge a creative career is both exciting and daunting.  Before making the leap, come join us for a no-holds-barred discussion on freelance opportunities, building your brand in the 21st century, and what to think about if you're thinking about getting serious. The first handful of REALTALKS will be free and open to the public, as we introduce our new Members program which will feature photo meetups, group critiques, challenging weekly assignments, and talks and discussions like this one to keep the creative energy flowing throughout the year.  

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