PHOTOS: Psychedelic Polaroid Portraits


Over the weekend Justin unveiled his Psychedelic Polaroid Portraits, a double-exposure live portrait series deploying his last remaining packs of carefully-hoarded discontinued Fuji FP-100c peel-apart film.   Shot using a Polaroid 600SE camera with a Mamiya 127mm lens, these images seek beyond the traditional portrait and into something more personal and emotional.

"After hours of discussing and pondering the nature of portraiture with some of the other teachers, I've been trying to figure out what it is I like about photos of people," says Justin. "When we think of people, even our closest friends and family, we often see a still image rather than a fluid, lifelike memory.  I've always thought that looking at a photo of a moment changes your memory's relationship to that moment.  But for me it's not a clean, sharp image but rather a fuzzy one.  If you were to ask me to picture my mother in my mind, for example, I would have not just one image but a few overlapping freeze-frames suspended in my mind, jockeying for position."

"This serves as the basis for my double-exposure portraits, as they are the closest I can get to replicating the shifting nature of memories."  Justin continues.   "I think it's particularly relevant to use this discontinued film stock as the medium for these images, since memory is so often accompanied by loss and forgetting.   These two feelings still fill me with a certain primal fear, for which photography can often be a positive coping mechanism."


See the full set below:

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