REALTALK 02: Creativity For Positive Change

Featured Guests

Julia Guo (Art director, Huge Agency)
David Everly (Art director, Huge Agency)
Caroline Matthews  (Designer, CNN)
Lanna Apisukh (Social media consultant)
The Reproductive Health Access Project

What is the role of the artist, designer, or creative professional when it comes to effecting positive change?  How can we maximize our experience, talents and skills towards creating a better future?  Join us as we discuss the current reality, and how creative folks can harness their abilities to contribute in various ways.  We'll be open to any dialogue and contributions regarding the topic, including social, political, environmental and community-oriented change.   



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Here at BKC we value building community though open and honest discussion.  Starting in 2017 we'll be programming REALTALKS, a series of thoughtful and free-flowing dialogue exploring the intersection between creativity and commerce.  Each event will feature special guests from across the creative industry and highlight a topic covering various areas of the creative process, from getting inspired to growing your vision to creating sustainable business practices.  

This premiere REALTALK is completely free to the public, and a taste of things to come with our new BKC Members Program starting this month, which will provide many more topical discussions, community critiques, motivating assignments and lot more.