Saturday Spotlight: Kayla Farrish

In this blog we'll be spotlighting some of our students to celebrate their work and achievements, and learn a little more about the people behind this creative endeavor we call BKC.  This week meet Kayla Farrish!   A recent graduate of Digital Photo I, Kayla shares some of her thoughts on photography and getting inspired.  Read on:

How do you get inspired?

I'm really inspired by our human experiences. What makes us blush, how we feel when we're in love, what we do even in fear, our whim and magic, how we are burdened, what's in our webs of intimacy and onwards. Music, writing, dance, film, reading, and photography allows me to get closer to people, and to more unfolding questions. 

What's your daily routine - How do you approach shooting?

Both with some planning like screenwriting or choreographing because I have to borrow a camera from friends. I also improvise and love to shoot when I am inspired by some idea of image. I like to set up the camera and do self portraiture work with a timer- running back and forth. I also like to set up my space and lighting creatively with what's in the room. I love shallow depth of field, the mystery of -2 exposure, a bit of blur sometimes, motion, and mood and emotion.

What do you look for when you shoot?

I look for how I see a person. I look for feeling, movement, light, and honesty.

Do you work in the creative industries? If so, how do you find balance between work demands and your personal creative pursuits?

I grew up dancing and am now a freelance professional dancer. My personal creative pursuits luckily intertwine. I've always choreographed growing up, and I discovered a strong interest in studying photography in college and also developed an interest in film from performing in numerous dance films post-school. The past 2-3 years I have kept journals of my new choreographic ideas. I find that they all mostly unfold within imagery and through cinematic quality of film (video). I have absolutely loved adding photography and film as mediums to dance. Dance can be more interpretive or a bit more internal and the lens of a camera can help translate the feeling, meaning, and story. The camera creates intimacy in my work. My choreographic projects this year have included dance, film, and also photo series with writings in between.

I balance the work demands of teaching Pilates whenever I can, and also continuing to freelance. 

How did you become interested in photography? Has that interest changed or grown over time?

Photography became the first art form I admired from afar as a viewer. I took a course in college that I thought would be an introduction to photography in techniques and learning how to use a camera. However, it was actually a course of the themes, concepts, and history of photography instead. I loved it! We looked at various genres- original family portrait, landscape, street, erotic, voyeurism, portrait and so on. We evaluated meanings through discussion and essays. I was hooked on photography since. I'm happy I got to get a hold of the camera through my Photography 1 course at BKC.

What did you most enjoy from the course[s] at BKC?

I loved how incredibly helpful this course was for any one interested in using a camera. The technical information and methods for using a camera were all clear, broken down, and even personal in describing the functions of each camera for each person. I was excited and amazed to learn how to use this tool with my own creativity and perspective. It was inspiring to see the work of others and also have a teacher encourage you and gives you new ideas or ways to explore your voice farther!

I feel like I got the start I needed to begin making my film work and various photography series. 

Any other comments, ideas, remarks?

The camera is so cool because you get to project what you imagine or what you see into an image! A product! 

I loved and am thankful I got to take this course at BKC. I love portraiture and self portrait work so much!


Follow Kayla on Instagram @decentstructures_arts and @fulloutfarrish

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