PHOTOS: #BKCShoutout Maria Mammina



Maria has been an active part of our BKC Community for a few years now, and has taken pretty much all of our classes.  Her interests in documentary work, particularly in current political hotbed Russia, has taken her across the world as well as deep into immigrant neighborhoods in Brooklyn like Brighton Beach.  Check out some of her work and learn about her progress below!

#BKCShoutout is a weekly check-in with our students and active BKC members, posting their works-in-progress and achievements.  We hope to learn a little more about each photographer, and share about their inspiration, process and goals.  To be considered for a future #BKCShoutout, contact Lanna

Why do you make photographs?  What drives you?

I’m the traveler in my family so at first, photographs were a way to share my experiences with my far away people. Then it became a passion to learn how to make photographs well - from a technical standpoint. Now that I am comfortable with my camera, it’s to convey my ideas through an image. That’s the hardest part.


Who was your earliest inspiration and why?

My grandpa was the resident photographer for my family — I remember him lugging his Canon SLR (and huge flash!) everywhere when I was growing up in Florida. I think that’s what inspired me to start taking photos of everything.


Name 3 things that are essential to you:

  1. Quiet time
  2. Learning new things
  3. Being outside — especially near mountains or a large body of water.


Selected Works by Maria Mammina (click to see full view)

What makes you happy?

Cooking meals for my friends and playing with my nephew.


How do you prepare yourself for each day? 

Drink coffee with heavy whipping cream! But seriously my 2018 goal is to have a better morning  routine so I start the day fresh. And now that I put it in print, I have to do it.


What themes or ideas do you strive to communicate in your work?   

 Recently I’ve been focused on the everyday, the simple life. So much of New York City is about striving, for your career, your goals, your bank account. But in this city that values the extraordinary, the ordinary can be just as powerful and beautiful. That’s what I want my work to show.


Complete the sentence: I've never tried it before but I would love to ...

Write a book.


What do you do when you find yourself in a creative rut?

Take a class at BKC :) 


What 3 websites / blogs / media platforms do you visit most?

  1. Absolutely love Miller Mobley’s portraiture: (I follow him on Instagram)
  2. (where I work), and especially my colleague Danil Usmanov’s work: 
  3. The Accidentally Wes Anderson account on Instagram


What’s the one most important thing you learned through BKC?

Too many things to write, but what I most appreciate is slowly learning to trust my own ability and my instinct for a photograph or project. It’s taking a long time, but the membership program and classes have really helped my confidence in my work.


What do you want to learn next?

I’ve started learning videography, and hope to create a Docuseries about Brooklyn neighborhoods with a few talented colleagues.


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