Analog Magic In A Digital World

Meet our newest collaborator: the Gowanus Darkroom.  Opened by analog champions Jonathan Rodgers and Rachel Jun back in February, the Gowanus Darkroom continues the wave towards recapturing the unmistakable vibe of the analog process.  

Located on top a two-story industrial building, with walls of gorgeous window light and an open and inviting printing space, Gowanus Darkroom is a sweet space in a great neighborhood full of artists and work studios, and we're mega-thrilled to be working alongside such great folks like Jonathan and Rachel.  

Back in June of last year, we started offering Analog Film & Darkroom classes at the Bushwick Community Darkroom (soon to re-open in a bigger and better space on Troutman St) and we're psyched to partner up with both locations to offer classic analog AND cutting-edge digital workshops in the same spaces this summer and beyond.  

Together, we're committed to continuing the knowledge of classic film techniques, while deepening the relationship between the digital and analog realms.   We believe the two worlds are parallel and constantly informing one another, allowing for each of us to have the tools to achieve our ultimate vision.

Join us for some fun and illuminating intro classes this summer at Gowanus Darkroom and Bushwick Community Darkroom, and stay tuned for exciting additions to our analog class offerings heading into the fall.