Spotlight: Aurora Appel

Meet Aurora!

In this new blog feature, we'll be introducing an emerging photographer and BKC student, show her or his work and talk shop about photography and creative life goals. This week we'll be chatting with Aurora Appel, a marketing associate at Eris Exchange who has developed her eye and technical skills considerably since she first began taking classes with us.  Check out our interview with Aurora and see some of her recent work below:

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What class or classes have you taken at BKC?

Digital Photo I, Digital Photo II, Crash Course for Portraits, Field Guide: The Studio, Crash Course for DSLR, Essential Portraiture.  Friday Classes: Color, Photographers You to Need to Know, Composition.

What are you most interested in photographing? Favorite subject?

I love photographing anything and everything; I don’t necessarily have a niche just yet.



What motivates you to practice photography?

I started taking photographs on my DSLR about a year ago and have fallen in love with it as a hobby. I love learning about light and how it relates to photography (either outdoor, studio, lack of light/night photography) and how it is used to compose each image.

What advice would you give to those just beginning to make photos?

Carry your camera everywhere. The more you practice, the more comfortable you become with your settings and the quicker you can evaluate a “scene” and how to shoot it. I also think taking a course over a longer period of time and meeting weekly instead of taking a seminar (for a couple hours) is beneficial for beginners. It gives you the opportunity to continually come back to class and improve.



What are the most important technical lessons you've learned?

Some of the most important technical aspects I have learned at BKC would be proper exposure settings (as a beginner) and how to properly light your subject and composing certain shots.

What do you think is the biggest obstacles to overcome when getting into photography?

Finding the time to take photos and the confidence to approach your subjects you are shooting.

What would you still like to learn about?

I would like to expand my knowledge about external flash and light metering.



All photos by AURORA APPEL