Happy Birthday Photoshop!

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This year marked the 25th anniversary of the invention of Adobe Photoshop. Brothers John and Thomas Knoll came up with the editing software that has grown to change the world as we see it.  They were introduced to image manipulation growing up with their father's darkroom in the basement of their house in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In an interview with CBS, Knoll said he pitched the idea to about 30 companies before Adobe bought the system.  "We were just two guys in our apartments with really no money and no backing. It was just something we started as a hobby," Knoll said. "This was before high-speed internet connections really existed, so when Tom would write a new version of the software, he would copy it on the floppy disk and mail it to me."

Fifteen versions later, the program has evolved into a powerful and influential tool both because of its widespread use and at times abuse.  It is used in industries as diverse as publishing, advertising, fine art, web design, film, medicine, law enforcement, fashion, government, video games, and countless other fields.

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Watch history repeat itself as John Knoll, one of the creators of Adobe Photoshop recreates the first demo he ever gave with the product.