Had Enough Snow Yet??

Functionally-speaking, this winter's snowfall has been a slippery, icy, slide-y mess that has left us both gasping for air while at the same time feeling lucky we weren't seeing the kind of accumulation our friends up north have been living under the past few months.  It's frigid cold, it's hard to get around, we've stepped in too many fake-pavement puddles and many of us are getting sick of it.  We had to cancel classes today, which is a bummer.  

But you can't deny that it looks great on camera!  All those particles reflecting light and filling your frame with texture, all the colorful bundles of jackets and hats against the fluffy monochrome backdrops, it's enough to make you want to burst out of your house RIGHT NOW and start photographing like students Marc Dickstein and Barry Bellovin did for this Sunday's workshop Field Guide II: The Street.  Scroll through a few of their shots below:

Today's another powder parade so pull your cameras out and start shooting.  Maybe you took the day off work anyway... why not put it to good use? Post your snow shots and mention us on Twitter or Instagram and we'll re-share.  Or email a few JPGs to hello@wearebkc.com and we'll post em up here!