Halloween Photo Tips

It's that time of year when creativity is celebrated, which makes Halloween our favorite holiday.   Plus we can't resist dogs in costumes.  When it comes to photographing costumes at that party you're going to, we know it can be a struggle when it's so dark out.  So we've assembled a few key tips for getting better low-light results:

Tip #1: Open your aperture to maximum.  This may seem obvious to experienced shooters, but it's a big part the equation towards shooting faster and avoiding blurry-motion shots. 

Tip #2: Try a prime lens.  Most zoom lenses only open to f/3.5 but some of you with prime lenses (like a 50mm) can reach apertures of f/1.8 or brighter.  That's about 2 stops of extra light-gathering capability, which will really help freeze motion. 


Tip #3: Night Portrait Mode.  If you're in a situation where you need some flash, but want to preserve, say, the city lights in the distance, switch to Night Portrait Mode, which usually has an icon like this:

This mode turns your flash on, but uses a slow shutter to help burn in the background lights.  You can even use this mode to create light trails!

Tip #4: Diffuse, Control, Color.  Try putting objects in front of the flash, like colored glass/plastic, cellophane wrap, paper towel cores, balloons, or anything else you can think of that you can tape to or fit over the flash.  These are called "flash modifiers" and you can make a ton of great DIY devices for little to no money.  Combine that with Tip #3 for amazing results!

We hope wherever you're headed this weekend, you and your loved ones stay safe and take loads of pictures!