Student Spotlight: Meredith Moore

Meet Meredith.

In this new blog feature, we'll be introducing an emerging photographer and BKC student, show her or his work and talk shop about photography and creative life goals. Check out our interview with Meredith Moore and see some of her recent work below:

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What class or classes have you taken at BKC?

Digital Photo IDigital Photo IIUrban Landscapes

What are you most interested in photographing? Favorite subject?

I enjoy photographing people taking selfies. I know, its weird, but it is an on going project for me and there is never a shortage of subject matter! I also enjoy quiet industrial places, especially when there is warm low angle light. I also enjoy photographing garbage, especially around my studio in Gowanus, again I know its weird but there is never a shortage of subject matter!  



Describe one of your favorite photos you've taken. What made it successful?

My biggest influence as a photographer is the painter Edward Hopper and the favorite photographs I take are the ones that remind me of his paintings. 


What motivates you to practice photography?

The creative practice. Getting outside and seeing what photos the world has to offer me that day. 


Do you have any areas of the city you love to photograph? Where?

Gowanus, I love the industrial beauty of it. I also enjoy taking photos of people taking selfies at the Whitney Museum or Metropolitan Art Museum. I like having the incredible works of art around me and seeing how people interact with them. 



What advice would you give to those just beginning to make photos?

Don't worry about taking "good" or "bad" photos when you are out on a shoot. The more you remove judgement from the process the more you are going to see beautiful things to photograph around you. Take a lot of photos, experiment and don't be afraid to fail. Leave the judgement for the editing room. 

What are the most important technical lessons you've learned?

Balancing ISO, Exposure and Aperture  and knowing when to adjust to get the right balance for the right type of photo. 

What do you think is the biggest obstacles to overcome when getting into photography?

Not taking enough photos and not having a control over the technical aspects of the camera. Also not knowing how to edit and what makes one photo better (or worse) than the other. 

What would you still like to learn about?

Flash and shooting in low light. How to approach people on the street more confidently to closely photograph them. 

SLIDESHOW (All photos by Meredith Moore)