Week of Wonders

Olaf Breuning: "The Life"

Always a beguiling social pundit, Olaf Breuning has created an immersive installation of steel sculptures and large photo collages to continue his discerning humor and astute visual language. These new works identify the artist’s mind and studio as conspicuous sites of transformation and production, where surges of stimuli from daily life are methodically registered, metabolized and repurposed.

Through July 31

Metro Pictures

519 W 24th St.

New York, NY

Zoe Leonard: "Analogue"

Analogue is a landmark project comprising 412 photographs conceived over the course of a decade. Displayed in serial grids and organized into 25 chapters, Analogue  documents the eclipsed texture of 20th-century urban life as seen in vanishing mom-and-pop stores and the simultaneous emergence of the global rag trade. 

Through August 30

Museum of Modern Art

11 W 53rd St.

New York, NY