New Class Added for Photoville!


Sixty Three industrial shipping containers will fill Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 5 for Photoville 2014 starting this Thurs Sep 18th - Sun Sep 28th.  This FREE festival features work of renowned photographers, up-and-coming artists, high school students, and has enabled more than 1,000 artists to show work over the past three years.  BKC has the pleasure of showcasing a few workshops this year as a part of the complementary lectures and seminars.  Plus the foodie Smorgasburg debut, dog friendly vibes, and beer garden??!  NO BRAINER.  So bring your friends and pets along and make a day of it!  

Newly-announced is the following seminar we're presenting at the Photoville outdoor free workshop area:

The Lowdown on Lenses
In this 90 minute seminar we’ll introduce you to the wonderful world of glass. Get the skinny on focal lengths, the differences between zooms and primes, and creatively controlling depth of field. We’ll discuss lenses from super-wide angle to telephoto, what’s up with that crop factor, how to achieve that cinematic background blur (bokeh), and which lenses provide the most bang for the buck. You’ll also get tips on what to look for when buying a new and used lens, so you can upgrade with confidence.

SUN Sep 21
4:00 - 5:30 pm

Also don't forget to check out some other great events, such as the panel discussion Raising Money For Your Photo Project (Fri 9/19, 4:00 - 4:45) featuring one of our teachers Alan Winslow, who will be discussing crowdfunding and other ways to get your labor of love financed.

We're also excited to check out the exhibition containers, including installation works by Luceo who transformed the 20 foot long shipping container into a jumboscope entitled Dreams In Disguise for viewing short-form videos, as well as the group show Lost In Transition (feat. the Dutch photographers Claire Felicie, Eddy van Wessel, Ferry Verheij, Marieke ten Wolde, Robert Knoth, Wouter Stelwagen, Willem Wernsen & Xiaoxiao Xu) about people around the world caught in the struggle of development and bad options.  

Alan Winslow and Morrigan McCarthy will also be showing their photo-car installation The Geography of Youth, a long-tour portrait series of Millenials.  

We became interested in documenting the Millennial generation because we wanted to give our peers an opportunity to speak for themselves. We traveled mostly by bicycle from Alaska to Argentina, then in a loop around Europe and Morocco interviewing Millennials about their lives and making their portraits. After sustaining a knee injury in 2013 we traveled by camper-car 14,000 miles around the United States continuing the project.

In the spring of 2013 we opened The Geography of Youth to online submissions. We invited people born between 1980 and 1995 to upload a self-portrait and answer the same twelve interview questions that we asked hundreds of Millennials around the world.

The portraits and interviews have now been assembled into an interactive public art show. It is our hope that these images and words will spark dialogue about our global generation, our challenges, and our triumphs. 


What better way to spend a fall weekend than at Photoville?


Our friends at United Photo Industries are some of the hardest-working folks in town, and they're the organizers behind one of the biggest photo events in New York, the three-year-old Photoville.  Mixing exhibition spaces, workshops and talks, screenings and presentations, industry-canoodling and a terrific beer garden, the Photoville world of repurposed shipping containers is like an out-of-body experience.  

View of the beer garden

View of the beer garden

Inside a Photoville exhibition container

Inside a Photoville exhibition container

Located on the southern tip of the extended Brooklyn Bridge Park across from Pier 5 and Atlantic Avenue, Photoville is a two-week event September 18-28, 2014, and we're proud to be participating in the workshop and lecture series for the second year.  Last year's workshops were tons of fun and we got some great feedback from students who really enjoyed the classes.  This year we're offering two workshops which, like all events at Photoville, are absolutely FREE.  Check em out:

Breaking Into Fashion | SAT Sep 27th 4:00 - 5:30 pm

With Justin William Lin and Patrick Ibanez

Becoming a fashion photographer can be a glamorous gig, but it’s a notoriously difficult industry to break into. As in most artistic careers, only the very top performers get the recognition to become an established name and book the biggest and best-paying clients. But if you’re starting out and you love fashion, you’re probably looking for a way in, and fortunately there’s more ways to get a foot in the door than ever.

In this seminar, we’ll be discussing the overall landscape of fashion photography and how it’s changed over time. We’ll talk about the ins and outs of assisting, developing your style, portfolio reviews, and provide valuable tips and insights gained from years of experience shooting fashion editorial and advertising campaigns. We’ll also break down some of the new methods of getting noticed, like using social media to carve out your audience and increase your visibility.

Click here for free registration

Is Film Dead?  Analog Photography In A Digital Age | SUN Sep 28th 6:00 - 7:30 pm

With Justin William Lin and Lucia Rollow (Bushwick Community Darkroom)

For some of us, growing up in an analog world and seeing it rapidly shift to a digital one has been an exhilarating, and sometimes overwhelming, journey. As digital cameras have taken dramatic leaps forward in just about every area imaginable, one is left to wonder what is the role of analog film these days. Is film obsolete? Are the days of film over?

Before attempting to answer this question, we should first look at the differences between Analog and Digital, in terms of quality and characteristics (some highly subjective!), as well as their process, feel and cost. Each medium has a “”look”” and the gap between the old and new technology in terms of that look is still quite significant. Join us for a presentation designed to change the way you think about Digital precision and the hazy world of Analog.

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Also noteworthy:  BKC instructor Alan Winslow will be presenting a photo installation of his ongoing portrait and interview project of Millenials (with collaborator Morrigan McCarthy) called The Geography of Youth.  Stay tuned for more information tomorrow!

A Different Take on the Decisive Moment


When capturing street photography the photographer must become observant of their surroundings and the actions happening around them. They watch for opportune moments to push the shutter and freeze a fleeting time of the world as it passes in front of their lens.



In his series “Selected People”, Boston based photographer Pelle Cass pursues this concept in a more complex way. He positions his camera on a tripod and takes dozens of photographs over an extended time period. Then he combines the images into one, choosing only certain people to include. In this composite he puts together interesting mixes of color or pattern, or merely creates a more hectic portrayal of the space. Overall he creates photographs that combine responsive chance with calculated control.



Some of his images are currently on view on THE FENCE at Photoville in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. And you can view more on his website at