Week of Wonders

Sanctum Infernum

"Sanctum Infernum is a dichotomy; contradiction that is present in all of us, the conflict, and our never ending effort to balance them out. The demon appearing in female form was particularly of the interest to me, yet I don’t necessarily see this occurrence as something evil since I am not a religious nor was I raised in religious environment. What I was interested in exploring in this series is strength and power, desire, pleaseure and pain, decay, life and death. Since they are my own creations they do not belong to any other mythologies or religions, nor stories, except Medea. I view them as my own demons, my strengths but also weaknesses, my feelings and emotions, my dreams and my ideas."

Through December 15, 2015

Stephen Romano Gallery 
117 Grattan Ave Suite 112
Brooklyn, NY

Sayaka Maruyama and Esther Stocker

The two artists fabricate fantastical space of dreamscapes and fictional truths, by distinctive and different means; Sayaka Maruyama by evocation of mood through color and texture, along with twisting and coalescing seemingly incompatible historical references. Esther Stocker by situating and manipulating otherwise intuitive and basic geometry into complicated and nuanced disorientation. In the exhibition, the two artists set up a space that is lost in another space.

Through November 15, 2015 

+81 Gallery 

167 Elizabeth St.