There's Something About Film.

There is still an ongoing dialogue about which is the superior approach to photography: film or digital. Those who shoot film are often passionate in their position, while digital users can give you a list of reasons why their path is the way to go.

We stumbled upon this article via Bird In Flight, in which they gathered the most common arguments on both sides and, in collaboration with photographer Roman Pashkovskiy, conducted an experiment to demonstrate the differences between digital and film. To do this, they compared photos taken under the same conditions on two cameras with similar characteristics: the digital Nikon D800 and the film Nikon F100 (both with a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens).  

BKC celebrates the strengths of both; that's why we provide classes in each format.  Our analog classesare awesome reminders of the magical process that film provides a photographer. Shooting film requires a very thought-out approach; with the limits of the roll and the lack of an instant display, one must compose his or her image with great intention. You definitely invest in your photographs with film, and the darkroom process provides a very special way to lay claim to the images you've captured.

If you're ready to learn the process of shooting and developing film for the first time--or maybe you want to re-learn the process from way back when--sign up for our Analog Film Lab class! Starting today and going for 48 hours, you can save 20% off any of our analog classes with the promo code ANALOG20!