Friday Photo Link Round-Up: Earth Day

Earth Day should last a whole week (all year actually).  In honor of Wednesday's special holiday, here's a list of some photo features that showcase our awesome planet in various ways.

Live Science put together a list of their favorite planet photos; check these out for a look at Earth from afar as well as some beautiful landscapes.  If you want to get a bit closer, the Huffington Post compiled 10 rain forest photos for your perusal that might make you want to plan a trip.


Taking a more experimental route, Feature Shoot published a nice feature on Rebecca Najdowski's photograms of flora, fauna, and minerals. Check this out if you are interested in alternative photo processes and more psychedelic renderings of the natural world; they're beautiful!


Another option is Tiny Atlas Quarterly's latest edition, which is all about the Earth; it features specific spots around the world and has a nice portrait section, too.

Finally, the Washington Post honored Earth Day with their favorite images of Earth from space.

Enjoy these; we hope you find inspiration from our home planet!