Meet the team.

Here at BKC, we're wholly committed to providing the best learning atmosphere imaginable so you can absorb information, stay motivated and have fun.  We bring together what we believe to be the best group of teachers New York has to offer: patient, warm and enthusiastic people with oceans of knowledge to tap into.  To learn more about anyone on our team, click on their names below and you'll find their bios, projects and links to their work online.  

Kathy is a wonderful teacher. She broke through my intimidation of all the menus and dials on my camera by demonstrating how simple the concepts really are.
— Amy R.

Justin William Lin  studio lighting, portraits, fashion, Lightroom, analog, basics
Kathleen Rugh  video, 16mm film, Photoshop, basics
Charles Lavoie basics, lighting, Lightroom
Sally Bozzuto  studio lighting, tabletop, fine art, analog, basics
James Reddington  portraits, fashion, studio, Lightroom
Max Kristula-Green travel, landscape, analog, Photoshop


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There is a consistent teaching style that starts with theory and ends with plenty of practice. Each class, I feel a door is opened, and I go home excited to test what I’ve learned.
— Adam B.
The class was chock full of info and the entire three hours was devoted to teaching, asking questions, and using the camera. The teacher exhibited a deep knowledge of all types of cameras.
— Christina M.
I took the Field Guide I: The Camera with Alan - it was excellent. He is a very good teacher who is patient and really explains camera basics in an accessible manner.
— Emma C.
Rugh had a very focused and encouraging presence and was really skilled at eliciting well-thought-out responses by students. For my project, I felt like she helped me see it as an actual piece rather than a weird smorgasbord of snapshots.
— Brooklyn Based