Member Work: Monthly Assignments

Each month we issue a challenge to our Members.  We do this to keep our creative minds sharp and to stay connected to the community.  Members who participate get feedback and support from each other, in addition to many other benefits like exclusive discounts, invites to Members-Only events, and more.  See how Members respond to each Monthly Assignment below (click thumbnails to see images full screen): 

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August 2018

Exploring the Unfamiliar

The warm months are still upon us and it’s a great time to get outside to shoot. Last month’s challenge helped you flex your viewpoint of iconic places, but now you are going to push that further. This month your challenge is to get out, go somewhere new, and capture compelling photos that tell a story of that place. Get on a train, in your car, on a bike, or in some comfortable walking shoes and bring your camera to a place you have never been before. It can be far away or near, but it should be new to you.

Create 5 photos in this unfamiliar space that show the viewer a hint of its characteristics, its essence. But remember to keep those images fresh and show what visuals captivate you personally. Upload these photos of your *Exploration of the Unfamiliar* to the *August 2018* Dropbox folder. Include a brief (less than 200 words) statement in the comments of your first photo.

July 2018

Beyond the Obvious

Google "Leaning Tower of Pisa".   What do you see?  A lot of the same forced perspective, wide-angle shots of people looking like they are holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.   Now Google "Martin Parr Leaning Tower of Pisa"

Choose an iconic or over-photographed location or place.  Look for ways that your photos can show your individual take on things. Think about fresh ways of seeing these inspiring subjects. Is it from a new angle, or with an unexpected composition, or a view of the overlooked details...? Go beyond the Obvious and push further to capture it in a more personal, unique and even brilliantly clever way

June 2018

Duality / Opposites

This month your challenge is to look for ways to capture within the frame two opposing things. It could be opposing colors, soft vs hard, urban vs natural, quiet vs loud, blurry vs sharp, etc. When juxtaposing these details in one image try to find a balance where our eye actively moves back and forth between the two opposing details. Think creatively about what these opposites could be. It could be visual or more figurative.

Create 5 images - either where you use the same opposing attributes in each photograph or look for different opposing elements with different images.

May 2018

Change is in the Air

It’s a time for change...with BKC moving to Bushwick, with longer days and shorter nights, with warm, sun-filled days and blooming trees, and much more. With change on the mind, this month your challenge is to visually capture an example of change or transition. Whether something you find (such as changes in your neighborhood, changes in plants for spring, changes in yourself, changes in sunlight), or something you create (such as created still-lifes, varying portraits of someone, or more) present a visual that represents change.

Choose one theme for Change and create a short series of photos (up to 5) that show this change in visually different ways.

April 2018

Right in Black & White

Ahh, spring is in the air and colors are starting to emerge as we awake from the depths of winter. However, this month your challenge is to look beyond those blooming hues and shining sun, look away from the obvious eye-catching details, and instead turn your mind to interpreting the world around you in muted hues. Look at light, pattern, texture. When are these details best expressed in black-and-white? When do you look at your digital file decide that this would be translated best with the simplicity of white, black, and varying grays? Color often is used as a way to grab attention and convey mood, but how can you do this in black-and-white?

Upload your single or short series (up to 5) of photos that look *Right in B&W* to the *April 2018* Dropbox folder.  Include a brief (less than 200 words) statement in the comments of the first photo.

March 2018

Finding Wonder in the Mundane

This month you can stay close to home and look carefully at what you see around you. When we see something everyday we often don’t really see it anymore. Your challenge this month is to find compelling visuals from inside, or right outside, your home or apartment. Look for interesting details or aim to convey a particular mood. Look at the light, the colors, the textures... find a way that you can feel inspired to capture your daily world into a photograph.

Upload your single or short series (up to 5) of Photos from Home to the *March 2018* Dropbox folder.  Include a brief (less than 200 words) statement in the comments of the first photo.

February 2018

The Mirror Selfie

There’s probably no type of photograph more polarizing than the Mirror Selfie.  It gets a bad rap, but is it always a bad idea?  Maybe there’s more to the Mirror Selfie than we realize.  Research self portraits made by photographers and other artists past, present (and future?), and consider how you might take the dreaded pose and dating-app staple to new, unprecedented places.  

Show yourself through reflection.  Consider every aspect of this image or series and don’t settle.  You have 25 days to push this much-maligned medium forward.

Upload your single or short series (up to 5) of Mirror Selfies to the *February 2018* Dropbox folder.  Include a brief (less than 200 words) statement in the comments of the first photo.