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Field Guide V: The Flash (2 days)



Who should take this class?

Anyone interested in effectively using on-camera flash or speedlights to add or enhance lighting and shoot on the go in any situation.


What you will learn

On-camera and off-camera flash is a very useful tool, but it's also one of the more difficult ones to understand and use correctly.  To avoid blown-out, unflattering images, photographers must carefully deploy these powerful little devices, but the results can be well worth the effort.  From lighting a dark scene, to filling harsh shadows, to creating multi-light strobe setups, the Flash is a versatile weapon in your lighting arsenal.

This 2-day Field Guide is aimed to demystify that 430ex or SB-800 you've got lying unused, or even your built-in flash.  We'll show you what's what with guide numbers and bounce and fill.  Get comfortable shooting and adjusting on the fly, by knowing what to expect.  You'll be amazed how much of a creative tool your modest little flash can be.


What to bring

Your camera and external flash/speedlight if you have one



If you are not already comfortable and proficient with controlling exposure through aperture / shutter speed / ISO, as well as color (white balance), motion blur and the like, please consider taking Field Guide I first.  


Meets 2 consecutive weeks