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[ SAVE $50 ] Field Guide VI: HD Video (2 days)



Who should take this class?

Anyone who would like to learn the basics of shooting HD video with your DSLR camera.


What you will learn

New DSLRs are becoming the de facto standard for consumer and prosumer video, and with good reason.  A wide range of lenses, bodies and accessories are making it easier than ever to create beautiful, lifelike motion pictures, perfect for your next vacation video, Youtube web series or arthouse film.

Learn how the video mode operates through a detailed demonstration on the new video DSLRs. We’ll see how the camera switches from stills to moving image (what is Live View? why did my viewfinder stop working?) and learn the standard settings used to get the right exposure and the right appearance of movement.  

We'll show you what accessories are most useful for capturing video, and students will be assigned to shoot their own creative videos between sessions which will be reviewed and discussed during the second session. Introduce moving images into your workflow and make amazing films today!


What to bring

A video-enabled DSLR camera. Check your camera's manual to determine if your model can shoot video. Most DSLRs released in the past 3 years have video functionality. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us for more info.



It is highly recommended that students take Field Guide I and II or have a firm understanding of exposure control via aperture, shutter speed and ISO before taking this class.


Meets 2 consecutive weeks

Was $140.00 - NOW $90