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Crash Course: Darkroom Basics


Who should take this class

Experienced digital shooters and photo novices alike are invited to try their hand at the traditional black and white darkroom process. Even if you're not a photographer and just have a box of old negatives at home, with this Crash Course you can start examining and printing those negs onto real photographic paper.


What you will learn

In three hours, we’ll show you how to take a 35mm black-and-white film negative and print it using an enlarger and traditional chemistry.  You’ll learn how to make test strips, contact prints, enlargement prints and how to properly develop, fix, wash and dry your print.  This is a very basic introduction to the darkroom, covering only the printing phase. For a more detailed workshop covering the full process from capture to print, try our full-day Analog Film Lab.


What to bring

If you have processed black & white negatives at home, bring them with you and we’ll show you how to make prints from them.  You can also bring unprocessed 35mm film to the Darkroom at least 2 days in advance of class and they can process your film for you.  We’ll also provide sample negatives for use in class if you just want to learn the process.





Materials provided (included in cost of class)

All resin-coated photographic paper

All development chemistry




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The Analog Film Lab
Later Event: December 15
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