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Field Guide: One World Observatory / Ground Zero



One World Observatory / Ground Zero

Okay we're gonna just say it:  this place really has the greatest view of New York City we've ever seen.  With 360 degree sight lines and from such a great height, this observation deck at One World truly stands apart if you love aerial and architectural photography, no drone or helicopter needed.  One thing you will want, however, is a black sock.  We'll tell you why when you get there.

By special allowance, tripods will be permitted at One World Observatory only by BKC students.


What are Field Guides? 

3 hours of exploring new territory, re-analyzing older terrain, using the city as set designer for your ideas.  Each Field Guide meets on location where we quickly recap some of the greatest hits (or lack thereof) of our particular meeting point.  Following the introduction are two live shooting periods, divided by a quick meetup and feedback session.  Finally we'll reconvene for an optional drink/snack and chat at a noteworthy local establishment.

Field Guides are accessible ways to find inspiration, get motivated and out taking advantage of the city.   Wasn't there a reason you ended up here?



$25.00 for Emerging & Pro Members

(includes admission to One World Observatory)