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Essential Street Photography (6 weeks)




Street photography is all about accepting challenges: change your perspective, look closer, dig deeper, and express the world around you in a fresh and unique way.   In this class, we'll challenge you each week to develop ideas and explore framing and techniques used by classic street photographers like Garry Winogrand, Joel Meyerowitz and Helen Levitt, as well as contemporary shooters like Zack Arias and Daniel Arnold.

We'll analyze the work of some of your favorite photographers, and study lens, camera and flash options for responding to street scenes and getting desired results.  For several classes we'll meet on location at different points throughout the city to challenge your eye and understanding of critical concepts.


Who should take this class?

This class is perfect for shooters who are looking to deepen their understanding and practice of street photography.  If you're drawn to  the bold shapes, bright colors, unpredictability and drama of life in the city, you'll love this class.


What to bring

Just bring your camera and any additional lenses you may have. Cameras must be able to be controlled in manual mode.



Students should have a foundational knowledge of manual exposure controls.


Meets 6 consecutive weeks. The first week we will meet at our Bushwick HQ. Subsequent weeks will take place on location.


Later Event: September 24
Crash Course: Color Darkroom