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REALTALK 03: What Are You Worth?

Featured guests

Ethan Sklar (Senior director, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery)
Alan Winslow (Freelance photographer / educator)
Jennifer Louie (Founder & CEO of Kinvite, formerly Google, Meetup)
Tricia Scott (Founder & agent, MergeLeft Artist Agents)

If you're a creative freelancer or professional, you're probably often left wondering about your value.  Without the guideposts offered by advanced degrees, certifications and license that other professions provide, Creatives are generally expected to determine and declare their own worth.  How do we arrive at this number?  Who can we ask?  And what exactly are we billing for?  Let's discuss.

Does the thought of negotiating a contract make you break into a cold sweat?  Does you find yourself doing hard work with long hours for less money than you'd hoped?  Is time really money?  Have you ever stopped to think: what are you worth?  



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JENNIFER LOUIE  Past: Head of Trust & Safety at Meetup. Monetization Strategy at Google. Monetization Policy for Google & YouTube. Current: Founder & CEO of Kinvite, A mobile app marketplace for small group experiences. Speaker at SXSW and expert on reputation and review systems. 

TRICIA SCOTT had Sabastiao Salgado images on her wall when everyone else had Teen Beat.  Life Magazine was her jam. She received her degree in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and moved back to NY, assisting a wide range of photographers to determine what would be the best fit. Realizing that she was not to be a photographer, she did wardrobe styling, studio managing, and production, then started MergeLeft Artist Agents, where she has been cultivating amazing talent and relationships for 23 years. She also runs marathons, is a mentor with the awesome non-profit photography program NYC Salt, and likes to bring home stray pets.



Here at BKC we value building community though open and honest discussion.  Starting in 2017 we'll be programming REALTALKS, a series of thoughtful and free-flowing dialogue exploring the intersection between creativity and commerce.  Each event will feature special guests from across the creative industry and highlight a topic covering various areas of the creative process, from getting inspired to growing your vision to creating sustainable business practices.  

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