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Essential Lightroom (6 weeks)




Lightroom's strength is its intuitive and powerful interface, which allows you to adjust multiple images on the fly, rate them, sort them, and export them with ease and speed. But there's far more lurking under the pristine surface. You'll learn how to organize photos in the Library, make collections and tag photos, understand and apply metadata, import and export in different file formats, while exploring Lightroom's Develop module and many of its unique features.  Special attention will be given to local adjustments, with an emphasis on improving photographs to the point that often Photoshop isn't even necessary.  By class end you'll be a confident Lightroom user with a powerful toolbox to get the most out of your photos.


Who should take this class?

Beginners and experienced shooters alike can all benefit from learning Adobe's excellent photo management and post-production app Lightroom.  Built from the ground up to suit the needs of professional photographers, Lightroom can greatly speed up your editing and image adjustment time compared to Bridge and Photoshop.  If you use iPhoto to organize your images, you'll be amazed at how much Lightroom can help you better manage, edit and adjust your images, particularly if you’ve shot enough to span multiple hard drives.


What to bring

Students can bring their own laptops, or rent an iMac or MacBook Air for in-class use.   Please arrive with Lightroom installed if using your own laptop.  If using our in-class computers, please bring a USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt external hard drive (at least 500 GB is recommended) with your image files stored.  If you have questions about technical requirements, feel free to ask!




Meets 6 consecutive weeks 


$225 /Basic Members
$200 /Emerging Members
$175 /Pro Members

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