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1 Day Workout: Composition Tune-Up!

  • 736 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11221 (map)




Photography is all about making decisions, some as simple as deciding where to stand, which way to point your camera, and when to click the shutter.  As the director of your viewer's attention, it's up to you to decide how the various elements of your image work together (or not).

In this 1-Day Workout, we're going to put your decision-making to the test.  First we'll begin with a quick diagnostic exercise, and follow that with a critical survey on composition techniques introduced in art and photography.  Beginning with simple concepts like leading lines, 1-point perspective, frame-within-a-frame, and then breaking down the ideas that made classic works of art famous, we'll get you looking deeper at the underlying forms and structure of effective images.

Then we'll take our experiments outside where you'll respond to challenges designed to spark new ideas.  Employing techniques discussed, and forging new ones of your own, you'll be able to try unexpected approaches to visual puzzles presented by the real world.  By class end, you'll have more confidence in your framing and creative decision-making so you can create memorable, visually-satisfying imagery to be proud of.


Who should take this class?

We recommend this class to anyone who wants to hone their eye, including emerging photographers, designers, art lovers, social media enthusiasts and just about anyone else.  


What to bring

Any camera can be used for this class, from a high-end DSLR to a smartphone.  Remember to bring a clean memory card (or have plenty of space available on your phone) and a fully-charged battery.  Comfortable shoes are recommended as we'll be shooting inside and out.



None, although it's strongly recommended to take our 1-Day Workout: Camera Warm-Up! and 1-Day Workout: Engaging Light! so that you may have a strong grounding in the basics of camera control and the properties of light.



$108 /Basic Members
$96 /Emerging Members
$84 /Pro Members

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