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Crash Course: Easy Stills & Tabletops




In this workshop, we'll show you some important techniques for shooting smaller objects without dropping thousands of dollars on high-end lighting gear.  We’ll show you how to maximize just about any camera to capture clean, well-lit photographs of clothes, shoes, accessories, as well as collectible items or even electronics.  Using smart lighting techniques, controlled backgrounds and a little technical wizardry, we can help you create luminous and attractive images of all the weird and wonderful stuff you want to sell online.


Who should take this class?

This class is perfect for anyone wanting professional-looking product shots and tabletop stills for selling online.  It’s been well documented that high-quality, attractive photography can dramatically improve demand and sales on shopping sites like Etsy or eBay.  This workshop is also great for designers, craft artists, still life afficionados or anyone looking to upgrade your promotional materials, press kits and portfolio websites. No previous experience is necessary!


What to bring?

Your camera.  DSLRs are great, but even a iPhone or Android smartphone can be used in this class.  Some simpler point-and-shoot cameras will not have all the options available for lighting control, so if you’re wondering about your camera’s capability, contact us for more details.  



None!  All are welcome.


$67.50 /Basic Members
$60 /Emerging Members
$52.50 /Pro Members