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The Analog Film Lab


Who should take this class

Intermediate and experienced digital shooters who want to try shooting film.  Anyone interested in the overall process of analog film capture, processing and printing in a classic darkroom setting.


What you will learn

This 8-hour intensive workshop will combine shooting, processing, developing and printing into one action-packed day.  

First we’ll meet at the Darkroom (check the location of your class in the left column) and we'll demonstrate how to properly load film and set up your camera. You'll get a refresher on shooting mechanics and using your light meter, then we'll each shoot a roll of film in the surrounding neighborhood. From there you’ll learn how to process the exposed film using a film reel and developing tank, and start making contact prints.  Finally, we’ll be enlarging negatives onto traditional darkroom paper, so that you can take home beautiful 8x10 prints that you’ve made entirely on your own.


What to bring

Bring your old film-based SLR if you have one.  We do have a limited number of cameras available for rental at $10 per class.  Since this is an all-day class we will have a lunch break, so you might want to bring lunch.  There are restaurants and cafes nearby as well.



If you've never taken photos in manual mode, we highly recommend taking 1 Day Workout: Camera Warm-Up!  or Digital Photo I, or at the very least Crash Course: Camera Basics, prior to taking this class.

Materials provided (included in cost of the class)

1 roll of black and white 35mm film (400 ISO)

All resin-coated photographic paper

All development chemistry

Optional camera rental available (request at checkout)




Earlier Event: November 26
Crash Course: Developing Film
Later Event: December 10
Crash Course: Darkroom Basics