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5 Dollar Fridays: Get Focused!

Imagine this scenario:  You're at a hip, underground greaser club tucked away inside a high-class summer resort.  All of sudden you spot one of the vacationers, a cute but hopelessly spazzy blonde, dancing "dirty" with the hottest dance teacher in town.  You just HAVE to get a photo, but they're moving so fast, you can never quite capture them in focus and now all you have is a bunch of blurry pictures.

Sound familiar?  Well this is a challenge facing a lot of shooters trying to photograph a subject on the move, like people dancing, or a Nascar race, or a litter of puppies.  We'll teach you some protips on how to achieve better focus, and we'll explain all the confusing options for focus and Autofocus that often trip you up.  We'll also discuss how to use focus creatively to impact depth of field and the overall vibe of your images, so you can get focused on taking better pictures!



Later Event: August 3
Crash Course: Camera Basics