Kathleen Rugh



Kathleen Rugh is a filmmaker and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her film and photographic work has been exhibited in screenings and galleries throughout the US and internationally, including the Edinburgh International Film Festival, EXiS Experimental Film Festival in Seoul, Korea, the Antimatter Film Festival in Victoria, BC, the Chicago Underground Film Festival, Crossroads in San Francisco, and the Images Festival in Toronto.

Rugh has received funding for her films through the New York State Council on the Arts’ Electronic Media & Film Finishing Fund grant program. She completed an MFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Tufts University.



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Never Dark

Insomnia strikes over weeks and months. Within the apartment, even in the depths of night, there is always light seeping in from outside.


Light Streaming (16mm film)

16mm, 7 min., 2012 Imagery and sound create an encompassing environment where tunnels of light and the continual flow of water act as a connecting force between differing locales ranging from the Oregon coast to the depths of a park in Brooklyn. Stepping into one place and then out into another relates to the atmosphere and experiences of a dream.


Here There

Through the act of photographing I find just how my perceptions differ from the camera’s translations of space. The camera constructs an interpretation of reality, as it isolates and flattens details found within a wide three-dimensional environment.