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Sally Bozzuto is an interdisciplinary artist and educator living in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated in 2013 from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with a Masters of Fine Art in photography, video and related media. She also holds a BFA in music composition and education from Carnegie Mellon University and a certificate in photography from Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

She was an artist resident at The Wassaic Project in 2014 and at The School of Making Thinking in 2012 and 2013. She is also a founding member of the Pittsburgh fine art photographer collective Ag Works and the EcoHacker artist network, which created its first large-scale collaborative art project in the summer of 2014.

Her work has been shown regionally and nationally at venues such as the Visual Arts Gallery, NURTUREart, Arlington Arts Center, and her photographs have been published in Camera-9, The Artist Catalogue, Mixmag, and Fretboard Journal.

She currently works as a studio and darkroom technician at the Fashion Institute of Technology as well as teaches and works freelance. In the past she has worked as a photographer and educator for a wide range of arts organizations in the New York and greater Pittsburgh area.


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Dust Project

In 2009 I began what would become a three-year study of dust as a subject and material in my artistic practice. It is a substance and subject as diverse as its components; dust can include hair, skin, fibers or the fragments of stars. Dust is everywhere and all things become dust; there are few activities that do not result in its creation. My work explores the substantiality and materiality of a subject that seems to be almost insubstantial, immaterial. I also challenge the notion that dust is “dead” or inert as it is actually part of much larger cycle. The dust project eventually became a springboard for future work about cycles of decomposition and recomposition, shedding and renewal, and metamorphosis.  SALLY BOZZUTO